$350 Million in Approved Spend for Local Buying Program
Western Australia eNews - Local Buying Program Highlights
WA: New world view for LBP, but still local at heart
July, 2019
The Nation in Focus
From our regions to the world...
It was only last quarter we were celebrating the Local Buying Program's $300 million approved spend milestone.

And, now, what do you know!? We are celebrating $350 million!

That is the rate at which this incredible program is growing throughout the regional reaches of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Another financial year has come and gone and each year brings with it a share of challenges, achievements, new projects and fresh approaches.

This year, milestones were a big part of the C-Res and the Local Buying Program or LBP story.

So, it's no wonder BHP Minerals Americas came knocking, eager to find out more about how we do what we do, and then using the C-Res/BHP partnership model to replicate the Local Buying Program in Chile.

Local Buying Program | National Annual Summary

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Future looking bright and oh-so-busy for C-Res
From C-Res Chairman, Kylie Porter
It is my absolute privilege to write this message, on behalf of the C-Res board, to mark the end of another financial year!

It’s a privilege because to reach a milestone of $350M being returned to small businesses in local communities across Australia in quick-smart fashion, is quite simply, astonishing.

Our small board of directors live and breathe small business. We have all been small business owners and operators ourselves at one point and we know, that this $350M paid on average in 14 days, supports mum and dad businesses in a very grass roots way.
WARM WELCOME: LBP, Minerals America
Local Buying Program on agenda for Emily
Emily Faure has been appointed as the new BHP Local Buying Specialist.

With Emily’s experience and passion for local communities and small business combined, she will be a great asset to the Local Buying community.

Speaking with Emily about her new role she said she felt a close affinity with small business and, as such, was keen to work with the Local Buying Program - and C-Res - to facilitate opportunities and capacity growing in the regions the LBP operates.

Supplier and Buyer support is John's priority
He has been in the job for just more than a month and, already, new C-Res Manager - Business Development John Aurisch has traversed the country, getting across the Local Buying Program vast network of BHP asset footprints.

It's not all airport lounges and red-eye flights, though!

Having most recently come from a small business background, John is well aware of the challenges facing businesses in regional Australia.

Now, he gets to put that knowledge to good use, supporting our Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australian suppliers, while helping our BHP buyers save time and coin on big (and small) ticket spends!

All systems go for Janelle ... Literally!
The C-Res Program Administration Team (PAT) is the beating heart of C-Res and the Local Buying Program.

So finding someone to lead such an incredible team might have been a tough gig. Thankfully, it wasn't.

Janelle Bussey fit the bill, and into the C-Res fold she came, as Manager- PAT and Mackay Office Manager.

With vast career experience in both the public service and small business settings, and a proven track record in systems, process, people and improvement management, Janelle is more than cut out for the job she has signed up for.

Western Australia in Focus - LBP State Highlights
Drop-In sessions offer a mine of opportunity
Recognising the need for increased LBP information sessions and support activities, C-Res has launched a series of Drop-In sessions at the EDGE in Newman.
Teamwork makes the dream work for Traditional Owner businesses on site at BHP Yandi
BHP Yandi’s project team have seen the chance to carve out a section from their larger Yandi project, to create a direct $1.8M opportunity for Rock Armour Stockpile Management for a local Aboriginal contractor.
Awards showcase Pilbara business excellence
They we dolled up and ready to party but the Pilbara's Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Excellence Awards were all about the serious business of celebrating success.
Buyer champions drive LBP success in the West
2019 has seen more BHP personnel than ever using the Local Buying Program across WAIO operations - and BHP's own buyers and supply personnel are fueling the enthusiasm.

Local suppliers accommodate shutdown needs
Since February 2019, NPI in the Newman region has looked for ways to source accommodation to sustainably support BHP Newman Operations during the closure of the Kurra Camp in Newman. So how have they fared?
Program goes from strength to strength in WA
One local maintenance service has found out first hand how effective the Local Buying Program is in securing good work with reliable payment times.
C-Res business development crew tour WA's LBP footprint
From anywhere else in Australia, Western Australia seems like a very long way away. But there are few things the C-Res team does better than bridging gaps and making the country a smaller place to do business.
Bacon, eggs and innovation for breakfast in Newman
The future is looking bright in WA's Pilbara region and at the heart of the innovation is the town of Newman.
So, when a group of the town's busines people got together for breakfast, the talk was about opportunities as vast as the landscape.
Local Buying Program | Western Australia Annual Summary

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