LBP WA eNews - July to September, 2019
Western Australia eNews - Local Buying Program Highlights
WA: Local Buying Program brews success for Indigenous business
July to September, 2019
Growth a good sign for our regions
As the numbers ticked over, the Local Buying Program team was once again keenly watching as Approved Spend edged toward the $400Million mark toward the end of September.

It didn't quite get there, but it looks like we will be celebrating another milestone in Q2 FY20.

Certainly, this is good news for the organisation and the Local Buying Program, which we deliver in partnership with BHP.

But what is even more important is the confidence this represents in our regions - and that, in turn, bodes well for our communities.

Local Buying Program - National Snapshot
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Onward, upward and all eyes on the future
From C-Res CEO, Tracey Cuttriss-Smith
It has been a powerful start to the new financial year for C-Res and the Local Buying Program.

For a start, the very fact we are in our seventh year of operation and we have grown from two to 25 staff (and, still, we are growing!) are just dazzling to us and we extremely grateful to everyone who has come along for the journey.

And, what a journey it has been!

As we have realised milestone after milestone and see the numbers of Work Instructions, Registered Suppliers and Registered Buyers grow, we have also seen our own team strengthen and grow.
Commitment to mental wellness vital to success
It's not the easiest topic to talk about.

But throughout September, mental health and wellness was the talk of the towns and regions in which C-Res and the Local Buying Program operate.

R U OK Day is a big deal for our organisation; just as it is for the BHP teams, with whom we deliver the Local Buying Program in partnership.

Local Buying Program State Highlights
Good coffee on the menu for LBP Traditional Owner Business
They brew their own blends, are big on giving back to the community and now, what has become largest Aboriginal-owned coffee supplier is part of the LBP, and supplying to Australia's largest company! Australian Indigenous Coffee, knows all about 'thinking big'!
Business goes after hours and promotes value of BHP, C-Res and Local Buying Program
We love to celebrate the success stories, and a recent Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry event shone the spotlight on what the LBP has done to support local business and community.
From little things, big things grow
Site visits, business forums, a big picture view and focus on indigenous business are paving the way for big opportunities for businesses throughout the Pilbara.
Four-wheel-drive course shows locals do it better
Do safety well and make sure recovery is done right. It's a simple message and what a local four wheel drive trainer drove home to BHP employees at training sourced through the LBP.
Programs lets local businesses have their (purple!) cake and eat it, too
700 Cupcakes. All with purple icing for BHP Jimblebar's special nod to Wear it Purple Day. Need we say more?
South Flank rail project trains eye on LBP Supplier for quality materials
High quality materials, excellent delivery service and a simplified process with prompt payment has added value to the South Flank rail project while giving a local supplier the chance to show off their capabilities.
Families and businesses celebrated with BHP Open Day
Business and family is what make a community tick. So when both were honoured at one of the most popular events on the Hedland calendar, BHP - and the Local Buying Program - took it to heart.
C-Res sponsors PHCCI Awards and celebrates region's best businesses
Business and family is what make a community tick. So when both were honoured at one of the most popular events on the Hedland calendar, BHP - and the Local Buying Program - took it to heart.

Local Buying Program - WA Snapshot: (Click HERE for a more comprehensive roundup!)
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